Preschool Program

Encouraging curious minds to question, ponder, wonder and explore forms the basis of our Preschool Program. Hands on learning experiences, open ended resources and the children’s ideas and questions all come together to assist our educators to create a diverse, stimulating and effective early childhood program. Our educators work side by side with the children and listen to their ideas and interests, extend their thinking and follow up their ideas, thus creating an environment of intrinsically motivated learners.

Our biggest asset is time. We provide large blocks of uninterrupted time for children to work through their ideas, problem solve, question and simply play. We utilise small groups, large groups and one-on-one time, to develop a relationship with the children, thus allowing us to work within their needs.

Our preschool program works on developing skills needed for life. Through play, we help children develop emotional and social skills, as they learn to interact within the play environment. Literacy and language development comes in the form of story-telling, communicating, songs, chants and rhymes. We utilise transition times and daily play experiences to introduce children to mathematical and scientific concepts, but mostly we develop the children’s love of learning by encouraging children to simply play.