Nursery Program

Forming trusting bonds with the children and their family is central to our program in our Nursery. Our aim is to work closely with families to ensure that each child’s needs are met. We develop our daily routine based around children’s needs and development, so feedback and information from our families is important to ensure these routines reflect the best interests and needs of each child.

Children in this room are still exploring and making sense of the world around them. To build on this knowledge, we promote a range of experiences that work on developing children’s sensory, imaginative, physical and cognitive development. with a strong social and language focus to help develop overall learning and independence. Activities such as story time, painting, dancing, and outdoor play on our purpose-built Nursery floor are presented to engage children in a fun and supportive way.

Information about your child’s day is readily available on our online application so that you can be informed and provide feedback on the quality care and education they receive in our Nursery.